Spider Mite Control

Spider Mite Control

Our Special Mite Predator Blend is best used in unknown growing conditions. Nature’s Good Guys, Special Blend contains an assortment of Predatory Mites. Our Special Blend takes the guess work out of which mite should be used in your garden, green house or grow room. You will see a mixture of bright reddish orange colored mites with obvious long legs. You should be able to see the predatory mites with normal vision. Some may be seen on the cap after it is removed. These blended mites can tolerate temperatures up to 95°F. and humidities between 60-90%. May contain an assortment of: P. persimilis, N. californicus, A. cucumeris, A. swirskii. Species may vary depending on availability.

• Must be released within 24 hours of receipt.


Rates in Cannabis may vary from traditional registered rates listed below. Due to the high value of Cannabis Crop treating in as a row crop and meters, it is recommended treating each plant for optimal results. Changes due to weather, temperature, humidity, rapid plant growth, air flow and hairiness of the plant may complex the treatment of Cannabis.

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