Aphidius ervi

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These are live insects and MUST be shipped OVERNIGHT. No USPS or ground shipping.

Most Aphids. Potato aphid - Macrosiphum euporbiae, Greenhouse potato aphid - Aulacorthum solani, Pea aphid - Acyrthosiphon pisum, Green peach aphid.

A parasitic wasp that attacks several species of aphids. Used mostly in greenhouses producing vegetables and ornamentals. Adult wasps are black 4-5 mm long. Adult females lay eggs from their abdomen by quickly curling their abdomen and puncturing an aphid simultaneously with its ovipositor. The egg once inside the aphid will hatch into a larva and consumes the aphid. The larvae when fully grown will cut a slit in the carcass and attaches it to a fixed object. The larvae then pupates (spins a cocoon) inside the dead aphid. The mummified aphid swells into a characteristic round, golden brown mummy. The emerging adult will cut a symmetrical hole at the bottom end to escape from the mummified aphid. After injecting the aphid with an egg it takes about a week for the mummy to form and then another week for the adult to appear. Each female can lay more than 100 eggs.

Aphidius ervi are shipped in containers of 250 and 500 adults.