Aphytis melinus - Targets many different species of scale

Aphytis melinus

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These are live insects and MUST be shipped OVERNIGHT. No USPS or ground shipping.

Aphytis melinus is a small light yellow parasitic wasp about 1mm in size. The wasp parasitizes various types of armored scale. The wasp lays eggs under the waxy scale covering, created by the scale. The parasite larvae develop under the scale covering. The window for female control is during the second and third instars of development while she is a virgin. The male's window is during the second instar and pre-pupae development. It is during these developmental stages that the scale is not affixed to host plant thus allowing the parasites to get under the scale. In some cases the scale is killed by adult hosts feeding on them. Once the scale is parasitized it looks dried out and when examined closely may have dark spots. 

At 80° F Aphytis take 13-18 days to develop from egg to adult. Adults live for approximately 10-16 days (up to 25) and deposit 6-8 eggs daily. 

RELEASE INSTRUCTIONS: Once you have made it home with your Aphytis, release them immediately. Aphytis cannot be stored. Release in 1-3 week intervals upon detection of scales until low scale numbers are observed. A Simple guideline is 5-10 wasps per infested plant. 1-2 cups per acre is for moderate infestations. Release on shaded side of tree during temperatures below 90 degrees. Release every fifth or sixth tree every fifth or sixth row. Insecticidal soaps are harmful to all stages of Aphytis, but have no residual effect. 

RELEASE RATES: Note - These rates are for preventative control only, multiple releases and/or higher quantities are necessary for heavier infestations.